Millennium for Consulting and Language Services LLC, MFCLS, was founded by Khasrow F. Almasi in Washington, DC, in January 2018 to offer online classes and language-related services as well as educational consulting to clients from the US, Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. The services include in-person and online classes, on-site training, and translation services. 


Initially, Millennium was founded in Sulaimaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan, in 2007. Until 2016, Millennium was offering mostly in-person classes to learners of different ages, professions and backgrounds. Millennium worked with both local and international institutions, organizations and companies to assist them with their language training and capacity building projects. 


Besides English classes, Millennium also offers Kurdish, Persian and Arabic learning classes, both groups and private titorings. 


MFCLS is headquartered in Washington, DC, but it conducts its business operations and offers its services to language learners both in the US and in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. 




Adult Education Course
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Khasrow F. Almasi holds a Master degree in TESOL, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, from the Central Washington University, the US. He graduated in June 2010. He studied English translation at Kharazmi University of Tehran, Iran, and graduated in June 1999.

As a founding director, Khasrow started Millennium Institute for Languages: American Curriculum, MILAC, in Sulaimaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan in 2007. He managed the institute, designed or developed the curriculum, and organized dozens of training classes for hundreds of local learners until 2016. As a service provider, Millennium received funds and grants from the US government to implement cultural linguistic projects including Adult Training Programs and Micro-scholarship Access Programs. In addition, he has worked with other training organizations and universities as an ESL program director.

As a linguist and a multi-lingual translator and interpreter fluent in Kurdish, Persian and English, he has worked with many high-profile journals, news outlets and firms like The Guardian, Financial Times, and RWF World. Working with RWF WORLD as the senior project translator, he has been managing and supervising the translation department of this London-based film-making firm. He has been credited as "Researcher" in the Emmy-winning documentary "Saddam's Road to Hell". 

Khasrow Almasi: Founder & CEO