​Here at Millennium, we are offering online group classes to English learners from Kurdistan and Iraq. The learners come from different professions, backgrounds, proficiency-level and age-groups. Our classes are small to ensure quality of learning; we place 6-8 learners in each class. Classes meet three times per week for a period of ten weeks per level.  Learners' progress is checked and assessed regularly through assignments, quizzes and tests. All participants receive a certificate of successful completion or participation.




Millennium offers online iBT TOEFL or IELTS Prep classes; classes are small and participants' proficiency must be at intermediate level or above to be allowed to join. During the preparation course, participants learn about the test format, skills assessment and time management and they are taught strategies, techniques and tactics how to take the test and pass successfully! 

Millennium offers online private classes to learners who need more intensive training. In this one-on-one format, the learner is given much more time to learn, improve and practice the language skills.



Millennium offers online conversation partners to those who have already taken classes and improved their language but need more practice in a natural setting. Each learner in Kurdistan is matched with a conversation partner in the US, normally a college student, to practice their English and learn about each other's culture.

Online Workshop